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The Baton Rouge R/C Club hosts several yearly events
Red Stick Classic-October

We are the hosts of the annual Red Stick Classic Scale Competition. It is the first Scale competition of the year and is a ScaleMasters and NASA qualifier.   Click here for the 

0F0A7242ccd copy
0F0A7236ccd copy2
8Q8A3153 copy
8Q8A3067 copy
8F2A9569 copy
8Q8A0067 copy
8F2A9614 copy
8Q8A3560 copy
Blackie's Cub Day-May 20, 2023

Every May we host the informal Cub Day.  Named in honor of the founder of Cub Day and Cub lover, Blackie Lejeune.  The focus is on Cubs of all types but all planes are welcome.

8Q8A3824 copy3
8F2A8421 copy (Large)
8F2A9947 copy
8F2A8419 copy (Large)
8Q8A3933 copy
8Q8A3796 copy copy23
8F2A8774 copy (Large)
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